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                      1. Episode 458: March 22, 2020

                        Peter ChristophersonThe latest episode of Brainwashed Radio: The Podcast Edition is live

                        Numerous musicians have been hit especially hard by the pandemic. Please keep them in mind and support them however you can.

                        This episode has music from Zola Jesus, Soft Kill, Sarah Davachi, HTRK, Zeitgeber, Container, Ak'chamel, The Giver of Illness, LLORA, Patrick Shiroishi, Metal Preyers, Distorted Nude, and Mary Lattimore.

                        Wishing all the readers and listeners of brainwashed the best of health and safety.

                        NOW AVAILABLE through SPOTIFY and AMAZON (links below) in addition to the other platforms.

                        Review, share, rate, tell your friends, send images!



                        Forced Exposure New Releases for week of 3/23/2020

                        New music is due from Bobby Conn, Container, and Evritiki Zygia, while old music is due from King Tubby, Peter Abdul, and Hiroshi Sato.


                        Windy & Carl, "Allegiance and Conviction"

                        http://f4.bcbits.com/img/a0859851360_13.jpgWindy Weber & Carl Hultgren are ambient rock royalty and a household name among the Terrastock devout. Their music is an ethereal lattice of sparkling, layered melodic fragments like so much brightly entwined coral, and subdued, profound vocals expertly placed. It uncovers the strata of human emotion, evoking emotions like hope, sadness, vitality, and joy. I find myself irrepressibly moved to tears by their clean, beautiful creations, both live and recorded. Allegiance and Conviction is squarely within their prior sound, while still being fresh enough to warrant spending quality time with.


                        Wrekmeister Harmonies, "We Love to Look at the Carnage"

                        http://f4.bcbits.com/img/a3609393215_10.jpgJR Robinson and Esther Shaw explore the Greek philosophy of Stoicism and the path to happiness known as eudaimonia for this new album with the addition of Thor Harris (Swans) and Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu). This is a contrast to the prior album, The Alone Rush, which was steeped in personal tragedy. To achieve eudaimonia involves accepting the present moment as it exists, and not to be controlled by pleasure or fear of that moment. Wrekmeister Harmonies present a form of eudaimonia through We Love to Look at the Carnage维加棋牌 with songs that expose the strength achieved through victory over darkness. Written in Oregon in near total isolation, the music feels like a winter evening in the Northern Hemisphere. Their translation of winter to sound is marked by understated grim simplicity, melodies syncopated with urgent resignation through orchestral gloom, and a mastery of emotional subtlety. It is an intensely intimate musical journey that begins at night but ends in the promise of a new day.


                        Helen Money, "Atomic"

                        http://f4.bcbits.com/img/a4261975137_16.jpgAlison Chesley, a classically trained cellist, is one of those performers whose collaborations are many and varied, spanning across genres and decades in her long career. Her credits include contributions to over 100 albums, with styles ranging from post-rock, to metal, to college rock, to new music, to film score. Solo project Helen Money is the culmination of these influences, with cello the principal actor in her experiments with chamber rock, subtle effects to round sharp corners, and heavy riffs to chop the serenity back up again.


                        Vladislav Delay, "Rakka"

                        cover imageFor the most part, I can always be relied upon to enthusiastically support any talented artist who leaves their comfort zone behind to explore increasingly weird and uncharted territory.  I do have my weaknesses, however, and one of the major ones is my undying love for classic Mille Plateaux/Chain Reaction-style dub techno.  Consequently, I am hopelessly fixated on early Vladislav Delay albums like Entain and the newly reissued Multila.  That is a damn shame, as Sasu Ripatti has made quite a lot of wonderful and forward-thinking music since and I have definitely not dug into his later work nearly as much as I should.  This latest album, the first new Vladislav full-length in roughly five years, is a particularly effective and timely reminder that I am an absolute chump for sleeping on many of Ripatti's major statements over the years.  Rakka维加棋牌 is quite an ambitiously intense and inventive affair, seamlessly blurring together elements of Tim Hecker-style blown-out ambiance, power electronics, techno deconstruction, and production mastery into an explosive tour de force.


                        Big Joanie, "Sistahs"

                        Three piece girl band Big Joanie hailing from the UK have made a splash internationally, opening for such luminaries as Sleater-Kinney and Bikini Kill and attracting much critical acclaim. Landing somewhere between thematically punk rock and musically pop rock, they manage to sound cool and direct while lamenting about men, sex, friendship, and modern life as black women.


                        Nick Malkin, "A Typical Night In The Pit"

                        cover imageThis latest release from Student of Decay’s eclectic and unpredictable sister label is an unexpectedly melodic and accessible one, though it still fits comfortably within Soda Gong's ethos of exploring the more playful and trend-averse fringes of experimental music.  While this is technically only Malkin's second solo album under his own name, he has been a prolific and ubiquitous figure in the LA scene for quite some time, surfacing in a number of different guises and collaborations.  In fact, I just belatedly discovered that he played on one of my favorite songs from the Not Not Fun milieu (LA Vampires/Maria Minerva's "A Lover & A Friend").  Given that pedigree, it is not surprising that A Typical Night in the Pit维加棋牌 has a very "LA" feel to it, but it is an endearingly vaporous and neon-lit one, evoking a kind of dreamlike and hazy strain of jazz.  It maybe errs a bit too much on the side of atmosphere to feel like a truly substantial statement, but Malkin has both style for days and impressively unerring instincts for manipulating light, space, and texture.  If I saw a film with this as the soundtrack, I would definitely stick around to the end to find out who the hell managed to make smoky, noirish jazz sound so fresh and endearingly skewed.


                        Neil Andrew Megson (Genesis Bryer P-Orridge), 1950-2020

                        维加棋牌The following statement has been transmitted by Caresse and Genesse P-Orridge:

                        Dear friends, family and loving supporters,

                        It is with heavy hearts that we announce thee passing of our beloved father, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.

                        S/he had been battling leukemia for two and a half years and dropper he/r body early this morning, Saturday March 14th, 2020.

                        S/he will be laid to rest with h/er other half, Jaqueline "Lady Jaye" Breyer who left us in 2007, where they will be re-united.

                        Thank you for your love and support and respecting our privacy as we are grieving

                        Caresse & Genesse P-Orridge


                        Mike Bailey (Star Star Stereo), 1969-2020

                        We are sad to learn about the passing of Mike Bailey, founder of Star Star Stereo, on February 29th of 2020. Mike was a college radio DJ in Wisconsin, launched Star Star Stereo (including releases from Casino Versus Japan, Charles Atlas, Jessica Bailiff, Alan Sparhawk (of Low), Pele, and Dakota Suite), worked at Blue Note in NYC, and most recently as Dean of Madison Media Institute in Madison, WI.  We will feature a special episode of Star Star Stereo Recordings on Brainwashed Radio: the Podcast Edition. More information can be found .


                        The Eye: Video of the Day


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                        Review of the Day

                        HEAVYbreathing Vol. 1: Bite It!
                        When I first heard about these four HEAVYbreathing volumes of erotic music, I wondered what more they could possibly contribute to this already oversaturated kitsch niche. Somewhat different from others like it is that these volumes are further subdivided into themes. The series is subtitled "The Sounds of Sex," and that's pretty much what this disc is, for better or for worse.
                        read more >>>

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